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Professional Skills:

- Filmed on four different continents and with the ability to be hired professionally as a Director, Cinematographer and an Editor.

- Vast experience organizing complete film making teams and taking a project from pre-production through to client delivery. 

- Has completed major international television projects while being the only crew member, (including directing, cinematography, steadicam operation and editing).

- Volunteered as a mentor for young filmmakers under the National Film Board of Canada, NSCAD University and Nova Scotia Community College.

- Television Production Mentor, Okalakatiget Society, Nain Labrador


Selected Film and Television Projects:

"Sickboy" - Documentary - CBC (Writer/Director)

"Ice Breakers" - Short Documentary (Cinematographer)

"Ocean School - 40x7min Documentary - NFB (Editor)

"Gun Killers - Short Documentary - NFB (Editor)

"Ride" - Short Documentary - NFB (Editor)

"Gun Violence" - Short Documentary - NFB (Editor)

"Keeping Canada Safe" - TV Series Documentary - CBC (Director)

"Celtic Edge" - 1x60 Documentary, CBC (Editor)

"Silas" - 1x90min Feature Documentary - TIFF 2017 (Editor)

"Hand.Line.Cod" - Short Doucmentary - TIFF 2016, Berlinale 2016 (DOP, Editor)

“Gun Runners” -  1x90min Feature Documentary, NFB /Netflix (Editor)

“Real Houses of” - 15x30min Lifestyle - W Network (Editor)

"Keeping Canada Alive" - TV Series Documentary - CBC (Director/DOP)

“Here and Away” – Short Drama - PBS U.S.A, / Air Canada (Director, DOP, Editor)

“Cubicle to the Cage” - 12x30mins Documentary - RadX Network (Series Director, Writer, Producer, DOP, Editor)

“Danny” – 1x90min Documentary - NFB, Hot Docs (Director of Photography, Steadicam)

“Bad Coyote” – 1x60min Documentary - NFB (Editor)

“Hard Light” –  1x60min Documentary - NFB, IDFA Festival (Editor, Co-DOP)

“Hard Drive - 1x90min Feature Drama (Editor)

“Imaginary Heroine” - Short Drama, Governor General Awards (Director of Photography)

‘The Man of  a Thousand Songs” –  1x90min Feature Documentary - TIFF Premiere (Editor)

“Kardinal Sinners” – 6x30mins - RadX Network (Director, DOP, Editor, Writer)

“Garnage Architects” – 3x30mins  - Discovery HD USA (DOP, Steadicam, Editor)

“Just for Laughs Comedy Tour” - 1x60min Documentary - Comedy Network (Camera Operator)

“Wresting Reality” –  6x30mins - The Fight Network (Camera Operator, Head Editor)

“Winter Wave Riders” - 1x30mins - CBC (Editor, Camera Operator)

“Ron Hynes Solo” – 1x 60min, CBC (Editor)

"What Remains" - Drama Short (Camera Operator, Steadicam)

“Grave Concerns” –  3x30min, CBC (Post Production Supervisor)

“Airplane Journals” – 1x60 Documentary (Editor)

“Searching for Simplicity” - 1x90 Documentary (Director, DOP, Editor)

“Sistema Revolution” 1x60min Documentary (Editor)


Commercial Projects:

"Hydro One"  Corporate Doc (Director/DOP)

"Deep Roots" Corporate Doc (Director/DOP/Editor)

"New Brunswich Nurses Union" - 1 x 30sec commercial (Editor)

“Cooke Chile” – Short Doc in Chile for Cooke Aquaculture (DOP, Editor)

"Cooke Spain" - Short Doc (Editor)

"No More Hurting People" PSA (Director/DOP/Editor)

“Halifax Cycling Coalition” 3 x 30 Sec Commercial (Editor)

"ACFFA" -  Short Doc (Director/DOP)

"UNB 225" - Short Doc (DOP/Editor)

"Healing and Cancer Foundation" Short Docs (Director/DOP/Editor)

“UCore Rare Metals Alaska” - Corporate Doc (DOP)

“The Give” 1x30 sec Commercial (DOP)

"The Etiquette Guy" - Web Series (DOP)

"Kings of the East" - Short Doc (DOP)

"Space Knights" 1x30 sec commercial - Teletoon (DOP)

"Coaching Conversations" - Teaching DVD - (DOP)

“Bon à Tirer” – Short Doc - Maine Arts Commission (Editor)

“Wallace McCain Institute” – Corporate film (Director, DOP, Steadicam, Editor)

“Red Shores Casino” 1 x 15,30,60 sec commercial (Editor)

“NBCC” 1 x 30,60 sec commercial (Editor)

“JDI Forestry” 1 x 45 Sec Commercial (Editor)


 Music Films:

“Tebey” - Now I Do – Music Video - CMT (Director/DOP/Editor)

"Andru Branch & Halfway Tree" - What Are We Fighting For? (Director/DOP/Editor)

“Evolve 2010” – Music Documentary – (Director, DOP, Steadicam, Editor)

“Jessica Rhaye – Good Things From the Stage” –  Live Music DVD (Director, DOP)

“JSB – Live at the Marquee – Live Music DVD (Camera Operator, Editor)

“Matt Andersen – Live at the Phoenix” – Live Music DVD (Director, DOP, Editor)

“Welcome Back” – Chris Cummings  - Music Video - CMT (Editor)

“Thick N Thin” – Live Music DVD – (Editor)

“Blues on the Boulevard” – Live Music DVD (Steadicam, Editor, Colourist)

“Delhi 2 Dublin” Live at Evolve (Director, DOP, Editor)



Awards and Nominations:

Sickboy - Best Documentary (Screen Nova Scotia Awards) - Director

Sickboy - Nominated, Canadian Screen Award - Best Documentary Program - Director

Sickboy - Nominated, Best POV Documentary - Yorkton Film Festival - Director

Sickboy - Nominated, Kathleen Shannon Award - Yorkton Film Festival - Director

Gun Killers - Best Altantic Editor - FIN Atlantic International Film Festival - Editor

Cubicle to the Cage - Nominated, Canadian Screen Award - Best Editing in a Factual Series 

Cubicle to the Cage - Best Short Pilot (Banff World Television Festival) - Director/DOP/Editor

Deep Roots - Best Video (2017 Golf Course Industry Awards) -  Director/DOP/Editor

Tebey "Now I Do" - Nominated, Music Video of the Year - (Country Music Association of Ontario) 

Here and Away – Best Sound Design (Atlantic Film Festival) - Director/DOP/Editor

Here and Away – Award of Merit  (Indie Awards San Diego) - Director/DOP/Editor

Here and Away – Film Event winner  (Dooryard Festival) – Director/DOP/Editor

Here and Away – Audience Choice Award (Island Media Arts Festival)– Director/DOP/Editor

The Man of a Thousand Songs – Best Documantary (Atlantic Film Festival) – Editor

The Man of a Thousand Songs – Audience Choice Award (Atlantic Film Festival) - Editor

Hard Light – Jury Prize (International Festival of Films on Art) – Editor, Co-DOP

Hard Light – Founder's Award (Yorkton Film Festival) – Editor, Co-DOP

Hard Light – Best Documentary (Nickel Film Festival) – Editor, Co-DOP

Hard Light – Best Newfoundland Film (Nickel Film Festival) – Editor, Co-DOP

Jessica Rhaye “Good Things From the Stage” - Best DVD (Music NB Awards) – Director

Danny - Nominated,  Canadian Screen Award - Best Social/Political Documentary - DOP

Bad Coyote - Nominated, Canadien Screen Award - Best Science/Nature Documentary - Editor


Andrew MacCormack is a freelance filmmaker available for hire as director, editor or director of photography. He has directed, shot or edited projects for various for organizations including The CBC, Discovery HD, National Geographic and The National Film Board of Canada.  Andrew has shot on four continents and his work has been broadcast worldwide. 


He wrote, directed and edited the series "Cubicle to the Cage" in which he received a Gemini nomination. His short film "Here and Away" (PBS USA) won multiple audience awards and played on Air Canada flights worldwide. He edited the acclaimed documentaries, "The Man of a Thousands Songs" (TIFF 2010), "Silas" (TIFF 2017, Exec Prod. Leonardo DiCaprio), and "Gun Runners" (Netflix) . He was the cinematographer and editor of the documentary "Hand.Line.Cod" (TIFF & Berlinale 2016). He was also the cinematographer on the film "Danny" and edited the documentary, "Bad Coyote" - Both films were nominated for Canadian Screen Awards.  He most recently wrote and directed the documentary "Sickboy" which airs nationally on CBC.

Andrew is proudly from Prince Edward Island and is now based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where he lives with his wife Julie and two sons, Miles and Dominic. 

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